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Welcome to the newest part of my site. I am hoping it will be the most fun to work with.
This part is here for you to look and admire the handy work of some creative sledheads from around the country.
I added these pages to display sleds that have been custom built by hand.

To have your sled displayed on these pages simply e-mail me a picture file and include your name, where you are from,
some of the sleds cool features, a brief description, and what prompted you to build it.
If you do not have a scanner, E-Mail me and I will give you my mailing address to send the photo.
I will gladly scan it and return the photo to you.

The only guidelines I ask is that you own the sled you submit (or submit on behalf of the owner).
The sled should not be assembled from a single brand, however, it may resemble a particular brand but must not be made from that brand as a major contributing source.
Thank you.